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Futhur Human Resource Consultancy is a Human Resource consultancy pvt .Ltd. firm providing services and solutions to clients organization, in the field of recruitment and career opportunities for individual candidates.This firm was formed with vibrant team of dedicated professionals with immense knowledge and experience.

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Enter the Futhur Human Resource Consultancy, an offshoot of the management consultant who charges companies a high hourly rate to impart much-needed services.

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Location : SINGAPORE
Salary :
Experiance : 1 Years

Fire Alarm Technician

Location : Abu Dhabi
Salary :
Experiance : 1 Years

Fire Fighting Technician

Location : Abu Dhabi
Salary :
Experiance : 1 Years

Aluminium Fabricator/ Fitter/ Installer

Location : Abu Dhabi
Salary :
Experiance : 7 Years

Nurse (Gnm/

Location : Germany
Salary :
Experiance : 1 Years

Light Drivers

Location : Abu Dhabi
Salary :
Experiance : 2 Years

Mechanical Engineer

Location : Malaysia
Salary :
Experiance : 3 Years


Location : Dubai
Salary :
Experiance : 3 Years



I have always been very impressed with the quality of service I have received from Futhur Human Resource Consultancy. They are reliable, efficient, professional and – above all – truthful. This alone sets them out from much of their competition.

Kavitha - Sales Coordinator

Futhur Human Resource Consultancy was my key contact for 2-3 years as we successfully delivered the required volume and, most importantly, quality of staff required. They is personable & professional and is willing to adapt business practices to provide the required solution.

Richard - Head of Direct Debit Solutions
current affairs


1) Information about the company
Before attending any interview for any company, make sure you know enough about the company and you are working in this company. To do this, Go through the history and the present position of the company. It will help you to understand them and make you more confident.

2) Your Resume
A resume is the main intangible tool to get a job. Prepare your resume according to the job profile the company is offering and highlighting your strength required for the job. Remember one thing, that the points you are mentioning in it should be the ones, you are really intended to. This should not be bombastic and not be false just to impress the interviewer.

3) Practice Makes you Perfect
Practice the way of your speaking and answer the questions which are often asked. Improve your communication.

4) Arrive Early
In today's rushing world, no one can waste their precious time for waiting for someone. So arrive five-minute early. So that you can relax there. It will also depict your punctuality.

5) Dress Like you mean Business
Your dressing sense is the mirror of your personality. It defines the society you belong to. Dress like you are a part of them. Always wear a formal suit. Black trouser and a white shirt would be the best combination. Avoid wearing colorful shirts and trousers. Looks like a professional

6) Switch Off your Phone
The disturbance is not acceptable in any form and the job is more important than your one call or a message, so turn off your phone before entering.

7) Show Enthusiasm
Give an answer with such a great feel so that interviewer can feel your enthusiasm for the job in your voice only.

8) Keep Eye Contact
It is required to have an eye to eye contact with the interviewer because it shows your confidence and your honesty.

9) Be Yourself
People like natural things more than mam-made. Be natural in front of the interviewer. Don't try to copy an accent which you will not able to continue after some time.

10) Be a Part of Them
Try to connect yourself with them, Show your interest that you want to be a part of their family. If you are good at communication, half of your job is done.

14/06/2017- Thu

You don’t get it. You’ve sent out dozens of CVs, updated your social media profile, got called for interviews and attended networking events. It’s been nearly a year since you started your job search, but you’re still not getting any offers. What’s wrong? A recent study conducted among human resources (HR) directors in the UAE might give you just the explanation you need: you’re not the right fit for the roles you’ve applied for. HR directors interviewed by Robert Half, a specialised recruitment consultancy, said every third candidate looking to work in management level position fails to demonstrate that they can effectively lead a team, while more than three in ten fall short on functional, job-related skills. There are also quite a number of jobseekers, about 16 per cent, who lack communication skills and strategic planning expertise, while nine per cent don’t have project management capabilities. Among those who apply for a staff level position, be it secretary, office assistant or receptionist, more than half (55 per cent) don’t have the required skills to successfully do the work. “[These applicants] are equally lacking one of their core competencies,” Robert Half said. Other areas they fall short on are communication skills (20 per cent) and leadership skills (20 per cent). With about nine in ten people in the Middle East now looking for a new job, there’s no doubt that competition among jobseekers is tough. The onus, therefore, is on applicants to stand out and show to hiring managers that they’re the perfect fit for the position. To beat their competition, candidates must, among other things, invest in their CV and ensure they have the necessary professional experience. According to Robert Half’ study, an applicant’s CV and experience are some of the most important factors impacting their hiring decisions. How the applicant fares during an interview and a test also plays an important role, as well as the feedback gathered during reference checks and recommendations from their network. When evaluating management level candidates, nearly half (48 per cent) of HR directors also said that technical skills carry a greater weight than soft, nontechnical expertise. About four in ten (44 per cent) said they feel the need to consider candidates’ technical and soft-skills equally. For those looking to get hired for staff level roles, there is greater weight placed on non-technical skills, with nearly six in ten (59 per cent) of HR directors leaning towards applicants with technical skills. Summing up the results of their study, Gareth El Mettouri, associate director at Robert Half UAE noted that when adding new workers, employers use different hiring criteria, depending on the level and seniority of the role. “As you’d expect, functional, job-related skills are most important for staff level roles, whereas soft skills such as leadership and strategic planning become more important at the management level,” he said. “For professionals looking to advance their careers, preparing a professional development plan that incorporates soft skills is essential.”

11/03/2017- Fri